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Because education and training are such vital components of an EAM implementation, MMSI offers a wide variety of professional training services for all versions of Maximo, from the latest Maximo 7.5 to Maximo 4. From standard curriculum-based, instructor-led classes to individually tailored and customized courseware, MMSI has a training alternative for each of its customers.

Public Classes

Public courses are offered in one of our dedicated MMSI training centers and provide trainees with a highly focused, personalized learning environment. Participants learn in small classroom settings with other professionals from various industries, offering unlimited opportunities to share ideas and approaches to problem-solving. Our open enrollment courseware includes both application and technical classes for end users and advanced users. more

Private Classes

MMSI can deliver its standard, curriculum-based courseware in a private setting` at your training facilities. This option is ideal when you have a number of individuals requiring training as you save on travel costs and per-person course fees (a daily trainer fee is charged and is independent of the number of trainees). It also ensures that the discussions, activities, and hands-on exercises relate to your business requirements. more

Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom Training program blends the benefits of Instructor-Led, classroom-based training with the convenience of a virtual, online classroom. This is the most effective approach for a geographically dispersed student population and for those looking to eliminate the high cost of travel. It offers the convenience of attending a Maximo course from the comfort of your office, home, or any location with internet access. Training is is delivered via GoToMeeting - online meeting software from Citrix - and covers all of the same topics that are included in our other training delivery vehicles. ILO's cover a wide array of Maximo topics. Classes include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on virtual labs taught by our highly-qualified and experienced instructors. more

Customized Training Programs

MMSI offers tailored training sessions for individuals or groups that are intended to address your company's distinct requirements. These programs can be held at MMSI's training centers or on-site at your location. Often times, these are one-on-one sessions where the trainer and trainee are sitting side-by-side at a computer screen, walking through the topics of interest to the trainee. Tailoring and customization may include incorporating your processes and procedures in courseware or training aids or even  tailoring screen examples and exercises with your company-specific data. Contact Us

Tutoring Programs

MaxTutor is a professional, online tutoring service for whenever you need help. We work on the subjects you request with trained Maximo professionals who have years of Maximo asset management experience. Our teachers are not only great at solving difficult problems, but they also bring real world knowledge from the field and apply their knowledge in a hands-on way that is easy to comprehend. You can use MaxTutor for anything related to Maximo, whether it is a one-to-one tutoring session, report writing, business rule creation, or special configurations. Training can be expensive, but your employees need it -- and sometimes, you simply need a little help. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on classes that may include subjects irrelevant to your employees or your business, pay for the hours of training that pertain to you, your employees, and your business objectives. more

MMSI - IBM Maximo Consulting, Services, Training, and More